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solar power for puerto rico

Puerto Rico Medical Solar Power

More than 3 months after Hurricane Irma a category 5 storm and Maria a category 4 storm decimated the island of Puerto Rico a majority of the resident are still without power. For some they have learned to adapt to living in the dark or by candle light, but for others the lack of electricity can mean the difference between life and death. The need for keeping medications refrigerated, IV pumps, and other medically necessary equipment running has become a major burden for families living in the interior of the island. These families may not see working electricity until late summer or fall of this year. Others may never see electricity on their streets again because of extensive damage from mud slides. The lack of power for families who relied on electricity for medical needs have been separated from their loved ones in order to make sure they have the care they need.

Help us and be part of this incredible project to reunite these families through the gift of power.

We have identified numerous families that would benefit from this project and provide the resource that is needed to reunite families on the island.

Through extensive research our team has secured the option to purchase a 100 of these small portable solar generators and mini refrigerators at a large discount to accomplish this mission.

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