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Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Mission

Mission Update 19 Feb 2018

Puerto Rico has been an incredible adventure for our team. When we first arrived, we had no idea what the island had instore for us. We knew that the logistics of getting supplies was going to be a challenge, but we were ready to overcome anything in our path.

Within 2 weeks into our mission we were starting to receive FEMA supplies of food, water and other items to get out to the people. We started providing these supplies in Lares and would have line of more than 300 people sometime waiting for hours just to get some basic items. Lares was a critical staging point for our mission, but the island showed us a greater need, less than 45 minutes away in a barrio called Castañer. For more than 129 days Americans living in the mountains surround Castañer had been forgotten. They had only had minimal visits by the Municipality of Lares and FEMA inspectors doing their best to help in what capacity they could. We had an awesome team who called themselves #TeamThreeKings and they would drive out on one lane road that had been destroyed by mudslides after the storm. They would take supplies and hot meals from #WorldCentralKitchen and provide what they could.

Following the need for relief aid on the island we moved the team from Veterans at Sea to Castañer but not after providing supplies to more than 3,632 families in a short 2 weeks. We also served more than 4,000 hot meals provided by World Central Kitchen to the people in Lares.

We look forward to the next part of our mission in Castañer and providing for as many families as we can during our time on the island.

We are also continuing to work on Catalina’s home in Lares and need your continued support to finish this project.

We will also be updating our mailing and shipping address soon for those who want to help support our mission.

Feb 1 – 15, 2018

3,632 – families / 6,387 – people / 4,000 – hot meals

As Veterans, we are not only very proud to have served our country, we are proud and honored to serve our communities as well.  Please support our mission to bring help and awareness to the destruction Hurricanes Irma and Maria inflicted on our fellow American citizens in Puerto Rico.

You can follow Charles on his Facebook page @CharlesBlackVAS for updates from the island.

Support Relief Efforts in Puerto Rico

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