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Veterans at Sea Programs

Veterans at Sea Journey Therapy Programs

Veterans at Sea (VAS) provides combat wounded veterans and their families with programs to enhance and encourage the healing process. When veterans and their families lack the supportive resources to overcome and deal with mental and physical injuries, veterans become a source of frustration and enter into a state of crisis that often results in divorce, domestic violence, homelessness or suicide.



Veterans at Sea Community Outreach Programs

Reaching out to those in the community is an important part of our mission. Support veterans who are in a crisis goes beyond the need for respite. Our community programs include:


Veterans at Sea Disaster Response Team

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, many veterans were left uninhabitable homes. Veterans at Sea staff quickly responded to the needs of those in Texas by creating the VAS – Disaster Response Team (DRT). The mission of out DRT is to help the community in a time if crisis and to support the veterans of the community with picking up the pieces after the storm.

Current Missions:

  • Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief

Past Missions:


Veterans at Sea Warfighter Connection

Nothing is more important than staying connected with other veterans. So many veterans lose that feeling of belonging when they separate from service. Separation Anxiety is a real issue for many veterans and VAS helps guide these veterans to new battle buddies.



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