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Disaster Response Team

VAS - Disaster Response Team

Veterans at Sea’s - Disaster Response Teams mission just like out retreat program is so unique it serves to not only those effected by a natural disaster. It also provides healing to those who volunteer to help.

What we provide for Disaster Victims:

  • Food and hygiene distribution
  • Water distribution
  • New clothing (as available)
  • Roof Tarping
  • Tree Removal (only to safely gain access to their homes).
  • Search & Recovery / Extraction

We are there as long as possible to get small communities through relief efforts and into the recovery phase.

Veteran Volunteers:

  • Deployment/Training living environment
  • Team Work
  • Service to their country
  • Long hours
  • Good Meals

Our volunteers once again belong to a group of men and women who want to serve their country. During these times of needs, small communities get forgotten and need the services of our veterans to assist with getting back on their feet.

Current VAS Disaster Response Operations

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