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Veteran Membership
Veterans at Sea® is driven to help heal wounded veterans. Wounds and injuries come in two major forms: physical and mental injuries. These physical and mental maladies often onset during or after their military service. Many do not know how to seek out help that will actually benefit them and their families. Our membership program gives the veteran the tools they need to begin the healing process. We offer support on our retreats, long term support, and peer to peer programs.

How We Help:

  • Retreats are offered in a unique stress free environment
  • Peer to peer counseling.
  • Holistic methods are taught to the veteran to help combat PTS and depression.
  • Online community for support.
  • Resources are available for helping with family integration.

Family Support
Veterans at Sea® feels that family members are an important part of a service member’s healing process. There are a vast amount of changes that take place when a veteran is physically injured, ill, or wounded, and the stressors of injury affect their family members. The healing of the family and caregivers plays a very vital role in aiding the healing of the veteran. Veterans at Sea® supports our families through retreats and programs.

How We Help:

  • Retreats and time with family in a unique stress free environment.
  • Holistic healing methods are taught to the veteran and family to help ease stress.
  • Connecting with other caregivers and spouses/children/caregivers for peer to peer therapy.