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When you provide financial support to Veterans at Sea®, you are supporting an all-volunteer organization that has crossed all boundaries in the nonprofit world. In times past, there have been barriers to supporting our nation’s veterans and their families. We provide service to ALL veterans from anytime of service, not just select groups. We would never leave anyone behind on the battle field, so why would we leave them when they return home?

Who we serve

We serve all U.S. veterans and their families, no matter when or where they have served. By removing the boundaries of service places or times, we are able to reach all veterans and their families with no geographical boundaries. We provide them with the training and tools to heal from their time in service through holistic programs. We also provide additional support to help reduce a veteran or families becoming a crisis.

Fiscal Responsibility

Veterans at Sea® is focused on becoming one of the most reputable and fiscally responsible nonprofit organizations by reducing administrative costs and focusing on our mission and programs. We are completely transparent and strive to keep all of our financial records up to date on our website for public inspection. We are focused on making 90% or more of our donations go directly to programs to help those we serve.
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Veterans at Sea® on Guide Star

Veterans at Sea® received the GuideStar Nonprofit Profile Gold level logo, a leading symbol of transparency and accountability provided by GuideStar, the world’s largest source of information on nonprofits. The logo demonstrates Veterans at Sea’s deep commitment to nonprofit transparency and accountability.

In order to be awarded the Gold logo, Veterans at Sea® had to fill out every required field of our nonprofit profile on for that level of participation.

We hope you will check us out and tell us what you think: URL for your organization's profile on GuideStar - VETERANS AT SEA®