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Helping Others While On Vacation - 03/18/2017

Journey Therapy® & Veteran Suicide

So, for those of you that follow me personally or through Veterans at Sea, you know that this past weekend I took time off to spend with my family. Even when I am off and relaxing with my family, I am still doing everything I can to help the veteran community. This recent trip was no different.

My family and I left Arizona at zero-dark-thirty on a six-hour drive to Long Beach, California for a quick three-day cruise. I really enjoy being at sea, surrounded by the ocean and traveling to different places. Read more....

Veterans Choice Card Scam - 03/11/2017

The Veterans Choice Card Nightmare

For the more than thirty percent of you, like me, that are enrolled with the VA, a couple years ago they started sending out cards. They were called the Veteran Choice Card. It’s not like it was giving us a choice, but it sounded good. The concept behind the program was to make sure veterans were being seen when they need to be, and not stuck waiting for months to get into the VA.

When I got my card, part of me was excited. I knew that our local VA was not only understaffed, but they had just lost several of their doctors and were now down to one. I was already waiting 60 to 90 days Read more....

Are Stand Downs Good or Bad? - 03/04/2017

Veteran Stand Downs

You see them posted all over social media, and you might have even seen a local flyer in your area telling you about an upcoming Stand Down for homeless and at-risk veterans. The million dollar question is: are they really worth it?

I can only speak from the experiences I have had participating as an organization during a Stand Down. From what I have personally seen, they are a waste of time and funding. Why would I say that something that most people feel is such a valuable resource for those in need is a waste? Read more....

Supporting Caregivers - 02/25/2017

What About Supporting Caregivers of Warfighters?

This is a topic I talk about on many occasions, but most people do not want to hear about the issues families are dealing with. This is a very real issue mainly because the spouse or another family member is immediately thrown into the position of becoming a caregiver for a veteran who is either dealing with a physical or mental injury. There is no training for a loved one to become a caregiver, there are very few support programs and again, like I say often, we are facing more broken issues and a lack of support.

While there are some statistics on the number of family members, the best resources I have ever come across are from the Read more....

Our Nation's Battle in Distress - 02/16/2017

Why are there large numbers of our nation’s veterans committing suicide or becoming homeless?

Unlike the veterans from our past conflicts, warfighters as they are called today, are finding it harder to readjust. You don’t need fancy research data or a professor who has never seen combat to explain why, all it takes is some common sense and understanding. To really understand, we need to first look back to World War II and the Korean War.

From 1939 – 1953, WWII and the Korean War were fought on a battlefield against a uniformed military force. Our military knew who the enemy was, and would defeat them at all costs. There was no media following the troops into battle, there was no outrage over collateral damage. Most of our military had time to decompress after the war, traveling home on ships. Going home was a journey that could take months. Read more....